International Economics (Prof. Marin)

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International Economics Brown Bag Seminar



Name (Affiliation) Title

31. Oct

Alexander Tarasov

"Firm Organization and Trade in Tasks"

28. Nov Jan Schymik changed time: 12:30

"Trade, Technology and the Endogenous Choice of Control and Financial Incentives in Organizations"

12. Dec

Gregor Hesse

"Inequality in a Global Economy-Evidence from Germany"

19. Dec

Norman Loeckel

"Product Differentiation with Non-homothetic Technologies"

16. Jan Henrike Michaelis tba

23. Jan

Gilbert Spiegel

"A Simple Theory of Trade, Finance, and Firm Dynamics"


Location and Time

The workshop takes place on wednesdays from 15.00 to 17.00.
The location is the library of the Chair of International Economics.