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Francesca Fabbri, Ph.D.

Chapters in books:

  • "Employment, Participation and Wages of White and Minority Immigrants in Britain", with C. Dustmann, in Immigration, ed. B. Roche, The Smith Institute, London, 2005.
  • "The Economics of Migration", with C. Dustmann, in Manuale di Economia del Lavoro (Handbook of Labour Economics), eds. G. Brunello and C. Lucifora, Il Mulino, 2001.
  • "Gender wage differentials in Italy", in IV Report on Income Distribution and Redistribution in Italy - National Centre for the Economics of Labour (CNEL), ed. N. Rossi, Il Mulino, 1998.
  • "Castes, not classes", with N. Rossi, in Education in Italy: only a piece of paper?, ed. N. Rossi, Il Mulino, 1996. 

Journal articles:

  • "Gender and Ethnicity - Married Immigrants in Britain", with C. Dustmann, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2005, 21(3), pages 462-484.
  • "Immigrants in the British labour market", with C. Dustmann, 2005, Fiscal Studies, 26(4), pages 423-470.
  • "The Impact of Immigration on the British Labour Market", with C. Dustmann and I. Preston, Economic Journal, 2005, 115(507), pages F324-F341.
  • "Does Nationality of Ownership Matter for Labor Demands?", with J. Haskel and M. Slaughter, Journal of the European Economic Association, 1(2-3), pages 698-707, 2003.
  • "Language Proficiency and Labour Market Performance of Immigrants in the UK", with C. Dustmann, Economic Journal, 113(489), pages 695-717,

Articles submitted to journals:

  • "Racial Harassment, Ethnic Concentration and Economic Conditions", with C. Dustmann, I. Preston, 2005.

Working papers:

  • "Intermarriage and Self-Selection: the Case of British Ethnic Minorities", University of Munich mimeo, 2008.
  • "Intermarriage and Labour Market Performance: Ethnic Minorities in Britain", University of Munich mimeo, 2008.
  • "Are Immigrants Healthier than Natives?", UCL mimeo, 2003.
  • "Trade, Capital Mobility and the Elasticity of Labour Demand", with J.E. Haskel and M.S. Slaughter, Queen Mary mimeo, 2003.

Other articles: