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Germany and the New International Division of Labour

Lecture by Dalia Marin at the French Senate, October 15, 2010, Paris

On the German Export-Puzzle


gucht_marinPanel with European Commissioner for Trade, Karel De Gucht as well as Caio Koch-Weser, Deutsche Bank Group, Adam Posen, Bank of England, Rajiv Kumar, India Council for Research on International Economic Relations, Bruegel Annual Meeting, Brussels , June 24

The New Corporation in Europe

Le Cercle des Economistes! Quels Capitalismes pour le XXle Siecle?

Eastern enlargement of the EU, Ousourcing and Offshoring

Schweizer Ökonomentag

The article ´A Nation of Poets and Thinkers - Less so with Eastern Enlargement? Austria and Germany´

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 More articles on the subjekt of Eastern Enlargement of EU

  • Keine Massenzuwanderung (PDF, appr. 195 KB)
    Interview with Prof. Marin about the eastern enlargement, Boerse-Online 22/2001
  • Made in Germany
    Television report with Prof. Marin about the eastern enlargement, Deutsche Welle Sept 12, 2002top

 Articles about globalization

About the Russian finacial crisis

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Alumni Meeting Economics Universtiy of Vienna, July 8, 2010