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Chair of International Economics

foto2Welcome to the webpages of the Chair of International Economics.

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Prof. Dalia Marin


Offshoring and Trade in Tasks

The Theory of the Firm goes Global

China`s future Growth Potential

"Keine Angst vor dem Großen Drachen", Interview with Dalia Marin in Einsichten - Das Forschungsmagazin, Number 1 / 2013, pp. 46-53.

"Do Multinationals Transplant their Business Model?", Dalia Marin held a talk at the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, January 2013 at the Invited Session "The Organizational Economics of Multinational Firms". Link to the Session Program.

Globalization and the Rise of CEO Pay

Dalia Marin held a lecture at the SFB/TR 15 conference, Caputh, October 2014

Dalia Marin at Harvard: Dalia Marin has spent her sabbatical from October 2011 to April 2012 at Harvard University, Department of Economics.

Globalisation and the New Organization of Firms